Good show @ the Acoustic Tap House this past weekend!!




Thanks to the Spot on Kirk once again.  Four guys on stools, in a room...telling stories to a crowded room. We were able to sing our songs to a room full of folks that took the time to listen and embrace the emotion we were displaying. Hearts on our sleeves. Thank you for listening. 

Heading to the Ante Room in Charlottesville, Va with Phil Norman, Willie DE, David Tewksbery and myself. We are set to play a Songwriters show...this will be the 3rd time we have taken the stage together. We originally were asked to be part of a local radio show "Roots Down" with Luke Church..later moving the same show to a live audience @ the Spot on Kirk (Roanoke, VA) and then rounding it off with a Charlottesville show. Extremely thankful to be a part of something so cool! Can't wait to do it again.

Had a blast @ the Harvester Performance Center. All Original music All Night! The evening started off with the Low Low Chariot band. They played a 45 minute set with all original Rock/Country to get the crowd started.  I came out after and performed a 45 minute set on my acoustic. The night closed with Rutledge playing tunes off of their new upcoming release. They cover "Millionaire", which is a tune i had written years ago. Thanks again for the good times Rocky Mount, VA!!

It looks like we are on track for another Songwriters in the Round!  This year we are moving the location to the Spot on Kirk.  The last few shows have showcased 3 artist on stage, this year we will add a seat.  Nashville recording artist Adam Rutledge, JD Sutphin, Jacob Crawford and myself will gather together at the Spot and tell stories behind the songs.  I'm looking forward to hearing something new this year. Make plans now because i believe this one will sell out (just as the last two events). See ya soon! 

Just wanted to give a big shout out to the great folks @ the Harvester Performance Center for allowing me to be a part of a fantastic venue.  

Friday July 24th, i was able to open a show for 5 time Grammy award winner Marty Stuart! Playing and singing..that's all I've ever known to do and rarely do my nerves get to me. On occasion my mind will race but rarely nervous...until i was asked to open the show with a 45 minute solo acoustic set. I've played Solo shows for years but Mr. Stuart is one of the most talented folks i've witnessed in person. I played my heart out and gave it my all. Thankful for the opportunity to share my songs with a nearly sold out crowd. Looking forward to the next one...See ya soon!


We were able to create another inspiring event this year!! Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for the next SiTR3!





Corey Hunley

THANKS for making this event a huge success!! We had a SOLD OUT show & all of us were blown away by the kind words/gestures throughout the night.  This Series will continue and we will create another Round soon. We will have different artist telling stories and hosting another fantastic evening. Stay Tuned!! I am truly tankful for everyone that has taking the time to listen...I appreciate it!!!

I made the South Roanoke Circle Magazine...Front Page. Thankful to have the interview with Brent Stevens

     Sweet Donkey Coffee in south Roanoke is the place to be! The Vibe is right & the Folks are welcoming! October 9th I'm gonna be out front with my good friend Brian Holt playing music from 6:30-9 ish. A little acoustic baked by B. Holt on the Upright Bass...laying it down. We will sing songs know and some songs ya need to learn! We are looking forward to it! See ya there!


     Come hungry and thirsty as they will have a food truck on location and cold brew/wine for sale! See ya on the front porch!

     Headed back to Billy's Barn this weekend with the Millionaires (full band)! We are set to start the night off for JD & the Low Low Chariot. Music should start around 9:30 so, make plans now!! See ya there! Be sure to subscribe to the blog if you wanna get the updates of whats happening in the music world!

This Saturday I'll be heading to Radford to play a Nesselrod on the New event: WINE, SWINE & SWILL. It's an all day event starting @2 and will continue til 8pm. Music, Wine & Food...a good combo for me. I'll be hitting the stage from 6-8 with my good friend & guitarist ADAM RUTLEDGE. We will knock out a set of acoustic driven songs backed by a hung low Gibson Les Paul sported by Mr. Rutledge. This is gonna be a fun event so make your plans to come hang with us and a ton of other like minded folks! See ya there. by the way, the views are amazing.....its a sunken garden Amphitheater & it sets a mood for sure!

Thankful to Josh Gibson @ Giant Step Design for the Millionaires Logo. We just put it to use with some New T-Shirts for ya! Come see us at the next show & hit us up for a T-Shirt! Available in Red & Blue. You can also order online from the Store Tab!

I have enough material to create a new's time to get back in the studio! Hope you guys are as excited as i am about the new material. Gonna re-do some old ones and i'm gonna create some new tracks! "Coffee & Jesus", "Puppet on a String", "Not Tonight", "You can't Change Crazy", "Victoria's Secret", "Sweet Marie", "Bullet, Bible and a Gun"....just to name a few.  I'll Keep ya posted!

I'm looking forward to hearing the final cut of my song "Millionaire" after RUTLEDGE finishes recording.  I released the song over a decade ago on "Where I'm supposed to Go" & now Adam Rutledge has given it life & taken the song to a new level. Hearing Harmonies, Electric Guitar riffs and a production that makes me smile each time i listen to it! Hopefully the final product will be available on iTunes in the short looking for it!! 

Well, tonight i went to my hometown to see the Legend Merle Haggard! He was playing on a stage in Rocky Mount, VA...the Harvester Performance Center. It was a Sold out show & I was seated on the 2nd row along side my brother & Pops! Loved it! Thankful to be able to witness such talent!

I met Paul Thorn for the first time in 2006 @ the Coffee Pot in Roanoke, VA. A Good friend of mine (JD Sutphin) worked for the Radio Station that John Boy & Billy were on. JD gave me a call one evening and asked if i could perform an Acoustic Set @ the Pot to open for Paul. "Great Day to Whoop Ass" guy...Yea, I'd Love to do that! From that night, i have been able to build a relationship with Paul and his right hand man Billy Maddox. We have shared the stage numerous time & each time gets better. We've played nights were only acoustics were involved and there have been nights that his whole band killed it! Hopefully we will share the stage again soon! 

I was asked recently if I would perform a set on the Elmwood Stage in downtown Roanoke, VA opening for Grammy winner Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri. This was an honor for me to be a part of the Budweiser Concert Series. 

Had a great meeting with George Ellis of PA Short Distributing. I am very thankful that we were able to work together and have a partnership that allowed me to attach my name in collaboration w/ PA. Thanks for the Banners!

Just a little while back i was able to get together with one of good buds Adam Rutledge (Rutledge Band). We started creating tunes that had forever been acoustic tunes into an Electric feel. A short time passed and we added a drummer (Eric Valentine) and Bass Player (Jeff Hofmann). Together we are the Millionaires. Look for us at a club/theatre near you.

The Millionaire s got together @ Martin's Downtown for one of the first appearances as full band. Here is some video footage shot by good friend in the audience (Rickey Scott). Adam Rutledge on fancy Les Paul, Jeff Hofmann on Bass & Eric Valentine putting the beats down. Thanks for watching! 

Very Thankful to share the stage with the Talented ASHLEY MONROE (of the Pistol Annie's band). I'll be headed to the new DR PEPPER PARK w/ good Friend Adam Rutledge and we will start the night with an hour and half set full or originals. Thanks for your support! See ya soon!



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I had the fortune to sit down with Jeff Hofmann one night and discuss some tunes. We talked about being in a band and certain crowd participation that made us chuckle. "Puppet on a String" is a tune that i wrote from real actions that have happened to me in the bars over the years. If you are a performing musician I bet you can relate. Folks sometimes ask for whatever it is that you are not playing and they always have a friend with them than can do it better. I find it amusing and express it here in a song. Enjoy.

I'm very thankful to be able to say I was in the same Green Room as Will Hoge! Being able to step on stage before one of my songwriting heroes was def on the Bucket List! He killed it that night and he took the time to talk to me about my music afterwards. Very thankful.

A Legend...John Hiatt. This was a highlife of my Career. I was opening up a show for a guy that has paved the way for singer-songwriters everywhere. I did my set and then took notes. When it was time for Hiatt to stop his set he asked the crowd if it was OK for him to play a few more. A true professional that loves what he does. 

I have been a fan of Christ Knight for years...and now i am able to share the stage with him! We crossed paths after i came off stage & he said "Sounded Good...i like what you do"...that was it.  Awesome! Thanks Mr. Knight!

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