What a night! Extremely thankful to the Grandin and all of the "behind the scenes" staff that made this one happen! We were able to have a full capacity show in an iconic theatre that has hosted such acts as Ray Charles, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Tammy Wynette, John Prine, Delbert McClinton and more. Saturday evening, November 9th, 2019, Songwriters in the Round packed the theatre will such amazing friends that listened all night! Josh Shiling, Crawford & Power, Emme Cannon and myself had the fortune of gracing the stage and singing our original tunes for 3 hours!! I am so thankful for this night and believe it to be the highlight of my musical career.  More to come! Thanks again for the support! 


Quotes @ the night:  

"Great group of some INCREDIBLE talent!!"  



"Great show, great night, great talent!"




"Oh man, that was a great time! Probably one of the most memorable times ever!" 




"Last night was awesome! Loved the show"




"Not exaggerating man, that was phenomenal. Congrats!  HAS to become a more regular thing! Perfectly Done."




"It was professional, entertaining and intimate.   I was stunned by the talent on stage.  People are drawn to performances like that because they feel the passion you have for what you do.  Just an unforgettable evening!!"




"Awesome Event. Awesome Venue! You guys were great!"




"Homerun, touchdown, checkered flag, hat trick, one of the coolest shows I’ve been to.   Spectacular!!!!!"




"It was a truly amazing evening. Thank you!!"




"Absolutely wonderful evening!!!!"




"Such a great show! Can’t wait for the next one!!"




"Awesome night listening to incredibly talented musicians!"




"Had a Large Time last night watching yalls show. It’s really cool to be in that kind of setting listening to such gifted singer/songwriter/musicians.  It was over the top as I knew it would be! Another Musical Memory!"




"Loved every minute !"




"It was amazing!! Such a treat to have something like that here!"








"Last night was such an amazing experience in a wonderful theater!  I know that you guys worked incredibly hard to make the event happen.  I loved every minute of it, surrounded by people that I love!"




"So so great,  we felt the chemistry you all had together on that stage,  very talented musicians!!!!"




"That was the perfect blend of talent and personalities on stage last night. Made for a special, and unique, Saturday night in Roanoke!    Thank you!"




"So so amazing!!! We had a blast and can’t wait til the next one!"




"Magical night, you’re the best, Corey"




"No words!! A fabulous night and already excited about the next one!"




"We can’t love this enough!! thank you for bringing more greatness to the Village"




"On the edge of my seat waiting for round 3"


"Super Talented"


"Songwriters in the Round at Blue 5.  You should check it out next time they do it. Corey Hunley heads it up (also super talented)!  You get to hear the stories behind the songs, & it is a peek into some of the incredible talent that people don't realize we have here in Roanoke"


"I'm still blown away"


"A 9.5 out of 10 performance"


"Awesome Format"


"Very entertaining evening. What an incredible diverse group of local musicians!! Each in their own style "Superb" !! Thank you Corey Hunley, Erin Lunsford, & Hoppie Vaughan !! And fine job withe the lights & sound Adam Rutledge. :~) Just another spot on performance that we enjoyed immensely. See you at the next one !!"


"A great show indeed"


"So Good"


"Excellent show tonight. Making Roanoke proud"


"Great show last night, thanks for sharing your songs" 


"Best show ever! Y'all killed it"


"So much talent and fun last night"


"We loved it! Can't wait for the next one"


"Thank you so much, Corey Hunley for an awesome evening of AMAZING music!"


"Great Show!"


"We will have to make Songwriters a tradition"


"Corey Hunley I loved Victoria's Secret!! I will definitely attend the next Songwriters!"


"The Songwriters In The Round event in the White Room at Blue5 was awesome! Corey and Hoppy are amazing singer/songwriters! This is one of the best events showcasing local musicians in an intimate setting - it's as "Simple As That" !!


"Y'all did a fantastic job!"


"It was excellent!!!"


"Great show...ALL the singer/songwriters were Awesome!!"


"Great to see an original scene happening in Roanoke."


"I'm ready for, ding-ding round 3"


"It was excellent. I plan on bringing more buddies next time!"


"Great show, as always!"

in reference to the "SONGWRITER'S IN THE ROUND"


"One of the coolest live music shows Roanoke has seen" -C. Coleman @ Blue5 restaurant 


"The BEST in the business! Mad respect! Love you all!" Waynette Anderson @ Dr. Pepper Park


"Last night I got to attend the Songwriters In the Round event and I enjoyed every second of it. Gave me a new level of respect to songwriters. Thank you for sharing your talents ForryHunley, and Rutledge." M. Booth @ Salem Review


"Great night, such great talent, songs and stories! Awesome time and can't wait to next time! Thanks Kyle, Corey and Adam!" -S. Thurman @ SiTR


"Great times!!!" L. Bowers owner@South Roanoke Circle


"Thank you!!! It was a wonderful experience." - fan @ SiTR


"Amazing! True talent!!"- fan @ SiTR


"Absolutely fantastic show" -fan @ SiTR


"Such a lovely experience. I laughed, teared up, tapped my toes and hands. All with a smile on my face. The three of you are so talented. Thanks for doing a show like this. -Trina P. @ SiTR


"Great night!"-Justin F. @  SiTR


"We had a wonderful time and y'all did such an awesome job!! Loved it!" -fan @ SiTR


"Loved the atmosphere and the stories behind the music. Great night!" -Stephanie M. @ SiTR


"Great night with 3 very talented songwriters/musicians! Looking so forward to next time"! - Sharon T. @ SiTR


"A wonderful night of storytelling and original songs." -fan @SiTR


"It was such a fantastic setting and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories and the songs.  The food was an extra bonus...and I picked up one of your CDs and we look forward to hearing you play again." -E. Martin @ SiTR


"Had a great time, truly our honor! Great turnout and awesome musicians, loved the venue too! " -J. Harris @ SiTR


"It was soooo much fun!!! You three are fantastic! You, my friend…got it all! Fantastic musician, entertainer, adorable and a nice guy!!! Don’t ever stop doing what you love!" -Paul O. @ SiTR


"It was a large time. Very well done my friend. Looking forward to ACT 2. I'll be there" T.Ayers @ Black Dog Salvage


"Very cool evening, Bro..Very Cool" - Trey S. @ SiTR


"I was amazed at how skilled you are at the off the cuff banter. Count us in for next time" B. Stevens @ writer for South Roanoke Circle 


"Awesome event last night!! Really enjoyed all of it. Highlight of the year along with the Danerville mountain trip. Listening to "Red to the Bone" CD this a.m. while drinking a little Jesus coffee" - David C. @ SiTR


"I can't tell you how much we enjoyed last night" - Amber H. @ SiTR


"We have had live music for nearly 8 years. That was the coolest show I've attended. Glad we could be a part of it" -C. Coleman Blue 5


"So proud of you and so glad i came out to see the show. Good Job!!!" - Christy W. @ SiTR


"Dude. Will call later. But last night was AWESOME' - J. Gibson @Giant Step Design


"Y'all put on a great show tonight my man. Loved it!! - Wes F. @ SiTR





“You sound Great! I really like what you do”-

“Red to the Bone”...that made me smile, laugh and extra proud to be country” and 

Corey is “Very unique and has a delivery like no one else. Good Stuff” 

“CD is Fu@kn great!” “It’s Killer, Love it”--in reference to “Red to the Bone” 

“Let me be the first (but not the last) to say your album is fn awesome. I love it. Been listening to it non stop”

“He sounds Real good but he Looks Like a Truck Driver”-

“I think he sounds a little like Leon Russell” 

"Y'all sound real good but hurry up so we can do Karaoke"

“Going through a real rough time and i have “A long Time” (from “Where I’m supposed to go”)  in my head all day...God Bless a good song”

“What the hell you still doin' here in Roanoke Corey.... a great performer, great writer, a great artist. Proud to know ya....inspired by ya....Rock on brotha!!”

“Sound like the white Keb Mo’”

Best Local Musician of 2009

Best Of 2011  “Best Area Singer”

"Ever get a song stuck in your head? You'll be glad when it's a catchy tune performed by this musician"

“Corey a.k.a. Roanoke's hero, is the real deal.  Sometimes known as "Coy", boy can flat out play and sing.  The album was so good it made me smack my dog and marry my wife"

"Solid, solid, solid songwriting and musicianship all the way through. Great Album..."Millionaire" is one of my favorite songs period."

“Roanoke’s Own, Corey Hunley is  “immensely talented”

"This guy's songs, playing and singing deserve a good audience"

"I heard Corey open for Chris Knight last night at the Kirk Avenue Music Hall and came straight home and bought both of his albums. This guy is  a great songwriter and singer.  Very talented"

"Corey Hunley is a very cool and talented guy"

Corey "really grabs the crowd's attention"

"The guy is a natural-born entertainer, a good singer, helluva songwriter and an all-around fine guitarist"


“The opening act, I saw last year also when Paul came to Roanoke, was super. A local talent from Franklin County, Va., Corey Hunley put out some great music to get things warmed up for Paul. Check out his website when you get a chance, some great music will be found.”

Hunley to warm up crowd for 'legend'

Corey Hunley


The past couple of years have been remarkable ones for Roanoke singer-songwriter Corey Hunley.

He has opened shows for Darrell Scott, Paul Thorn and Chris Knight. Hunley opens again for Knight tonight at Kirk Avenue Music Hall, in a show that is part of the Down by Downtown festival.

And next week, he'll open for John Hiatt and Thorn at the May 7 Down By The River concert.

Hunley is, understandably, psyched.

"Every time I have to talk about John Hiatt to people, I just say, 'He's a legend. The songwriting legend.'

"He knows how to put a cool vibe together, and whether he's solo or he's got his band backing him up, it's awesome. I love it. I'm definitely looking forward to this. This is going to be the coolest thing I think I've done in my career."

Hunley's own singing, songwriting and guitar playing makes him a good fit for such bills. Kirk Avenue Music Hall's Gary Jackson and Jefferson Center's Dylan Locke have taken notice and booked him for those dates. As Scott performed his song "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" at Jefferson Center set in November 2008, he called out for Hunley, in the audience, to sing along.

"That was a great day to be alive," Hunley said. He said he was especially glad that all of his shows with Scott have sold out.

"Whether they were there for Darrell or for me, they took time for me, which was very cool," he said.

Plenty of folks have come to those shows especially for Hunley, a Franklin County native who for years has played around the Roanoke Valley. He writes easily relatable songs about his friends and loves ones. In barroom shows, Hunley plays plenty of cover tunes. But he realized he was becoming a good songwriter when people started requesting his originals.

"When you hear somebody yell out one of your songs instead of 'Freebird,' it's a really cool thing," he said. "I think that's the magic moment where you go, 'Oh, that's awesome. Somebody did take time to listen to one of my songs.'

"If I'm in a bar or wherever and I'm playing, if I can see two people or one person mouthing the words to one of my songs, that's golden."

Hunley, who works at Kelley's Music when he's not performing or spending time with his family, used to have an internal battle about whether he should make songwriting and performing a full-time job. Ultimately, he decided he wanted a family. He is married to Shelly DeMoines Hunley and has two "awesome" step-daughters.

"I don't want to say I got stuck in a small town," Hunley said. "I think I got glued to a small town that worked.

"I've been playing in this town for so long, but I still have people that come out and see me play, people that support me, people that listen to what I do. And that's everything."


Purchase new single "Up on the Mountain"

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